The dream of losing weight, gaining muscle and maintaining the Fitness does not necessarily have to go through the gym.

Having a beautiful body is synonymous with health and this is only possible with lots of weight training and gym hours, right? Wrong! It really is possible to achieve a healthy and beautiful body with activities outside the gym. However, it is important to point out that everything depends on your own motivation and self-control.

Currently there are several professionals specialized in training that fall outside the rule of repetitions of the academy. But how is this possible? We explain.

The secret of successful bodybuilding training would be to contract the muscle as much as possible , regardless of the use of dumbbells, washers or devices to perform the movement.

That is, the muscle does not care for how much weight you take, the amount of load only forces you to contract as hard as you can. Then, consciously stopped, it is possible that if you make the maximum possible strength , you may be able to stimulate Fitness in same way you would if you had gained weight.

That way, you may flee from the gym and gain muscle and lose weight anywhere, such as parks , squares or in your own home . However, we must warn that practice at the gym can produce faster and more satisfying results, but it all depends on how much you are willing to invest in yourself.

Functional training in these places are increasingly present in people's daily lives, that is, free practice is gaining strength and space in the lives of those who desire a healthier life. In fact, there are already professionals who work exclusively with this practice.

Therefore, with training accompanied by trained professionals, it is possible to achieve both hypertrophy, even leaving the routine of the academy.


Did you know that the egg is excellent for health and well-being? It is a food that starts with few calories and still helps you gain muscle and take care of the body.

Eggs help in weight loss, mainly because it is a food with few calories and a protein that states more easily. It even makes digestion slower, delaying the feeling of hunger. It is very common to be swallowed for breakfast.

Consuming at the start of the day will leave you less hungry throughout the day, helping to reduce your daily total calories. However, the egg can not be fried, it should be stirred, poached or cooked. If you go out rushed to college or work, boiled egg can be a great snack option.

You can also try eating an egg in the late afternoon, a time when hunger and craving for sweet mostly is even greater. It is a very good option for those who want to lose weight, since the unit (clear and yolk) has only 70 calories.

Besides helping you to lose weight with health, the egg helps a lot in the growth and maintenance of the muscles, maintaining a firm body. This is due to the action of the leucine - amino acid that makes up the white protein. This ingredient is widely used in nutritional supplements for muscle gain.

Of course, the egg alone does not make a miracle, so it is necessary to reconcile consumption with the practice of physical activities and a healthy diet.

Posted on June 28, 2018 at 07:22 PM