Muscle isometry is used to strengthen and increase the physical endurance of practitioners.

More and more people are interested in different and motivating physical activities. Therefore, professionals in the field are developing more devices to captivate practitioners.

What is?

Muscle isometry consists of exercises aimed at contracting a particular muscle or group. This method can aid in muscle building and increased strength, as well as maintaining fitness.

The great benefit of this practice is that it can be done anywhere, no matter where you train.

How is done?

Unlike dynamic workouts such as weightlifting, isometry is done in a static position by flexing the muscle either alone or against a motionless object.

The method serves to contribute to the overcoming of points of friction. That is, if you have difficulty in certain movement, through isometry, you can develop the muscular strength to perform some function previously impossible.

What are the benefits?

Through muscle isometry, you are able to create a contraction in the desired muscle without putting too much stress and strain on the joint in question. This is a very common criticism in traditional weight lifting, which can induce injuries and other problems.

Muscle isometry can be easily adapted to your need and body requirement. Often this occurs only by widening or shortening the period for which you are required to maintain the isometric contraction.

It is worth mentioning that the muscular isometry should not be the total basis of your training, because it alone will not account to supply all the needs. It can be included in your practice, be it during your functional training, bodybuilding or warming up of any sport.

Do you understand what muscle isometry is? This type of exercise is excellent for increasing strength, endurance and muscle definition, as it uses the body as the main weight of the practice. Now that you know how it works, put it in your workout and see the difference in no time!


The British Public Health Service has launched a health guide for its inhabitants encouraging them to practice regular activities. The novelty is the presentation of a recent survey conducted in the country showing that even a daily fast exercise already brings great benefits to the population .

According to the UK agency, walking for only 10 minutes every day is able to reduce the risk of early death by 15% . The only caveat is that the pace should be at least 5 km / h, which is neither too slow nor too fast (take the test the next time you use a treadmill).

The breakthrough is great news for those who do not have much time to devote to more extensive physical activity regularly, such as swimming, bodybuilding or aerobic gym classes. In other words, to get health benefits, just take a 10-minute walk every day - it can be from the bus stop to work or a few laps on the court during lunch hours . And you do not even have to wear gym clothes!

Although it seems an easy goal to achieve, more than 6 million Britons fail to meet this ten-minute goal daily , according to the British Public Health Service's study. To help the population, the local government has launched an application to encourage citizens: Active 10 measures when the user is able to keep pace at         5 km/h - ideally, according to the survey - using sensors in the mobile phone.

Posted on June 28, 2018 at 07:23 PM