Want to learn about Fitness, but do not have the patience (or financial resources) to attend a gym? Running can be the solution for you! The good news is that the activity can be a great ally in the goal of losing weight and having a healthier life.

However, some Fitness tip to be taken when starting exercise. We separate a step by step to assist you in this endeavor. Check out:

1. Consult a physician.

Before you start running, it is best to check with a health professional to know exactly how you are doing. This initial assessment is important to attest to if you are able to start a running workout and do not have conditions that hinder the practice.

2. Talk to a physical education professional

Once you are sure that your health is good, it is time to check the condition of the body, especially if you have been leading a sedentary life in recent times. The professional will determine the best workout for you, with length, breaks, and techniques techniques.

3. Have a pair of suitable sneakers

In order for you to perform well, it is essential that you have a pair of suitable sneakers as a way to reduce the risk of injury. The most modern models are specific for each type of tread: pronated, supinated or pronated. It is important to pay attention to the type of damping at the time of purchase as well.

4. Respect your pace

Do not want to "run everything" on one day. Like other physical exercises such as weight training, for example, the race presents its results after some time of regular practice. So it is recommended to take your time and respect the rhythm of your body. Go evolving gradually instead of wanting to force the body early and end up causing an injury.

5. Do not give up!

You may encounter some challenges along the way, let's not lie. However, any change in search for a healthier lifestyle requires a little sacrifice. But it's worth! You will soon notice that you will be more willing to do the day-to-day tasks and sleep better, as well as being more motivated by the developments in training.


Warming up of the body should not be understood as something separate from physical activity. It is a fundamental and necessary part for a good use of the movements and must be done as the first part of the process because it is he who prepares the body physiologically and psychologically to accelerate.

Increasing body temperature correctly, with warm-up before physical activity, brings many benefits to the body, such as accelerating metabolic rate, increased local blood flow, oxygen diffusion through the muscles, increased speed and muscle contraction strength, in addition motor coordination.

Remembering that these warm-up movements can also prevent injuries and speed up the purpose of each exercise. Therefore, it is recommended that always before performing a sport, bodybuilding or any specific aerobic activity, the person do at least 10 minutes of muscle heating. This will help the body as a whole and potentiate subsequent exercises.

Posted on June 29, 2018 at 05:28 PM