Many people are too lazy to go to the gym early or late in the day. In addition, people end up paying the monthly fee as they do not go to space as often as necessary. So in today's blog we are going to give some tips on how to invest in Fitness activity inside the house, which can come out cheaper and be as good.

The ladder is always a very functional exercise. Going up and down steps helps with physical conditioning, strengthens leg muscles and is a high-energy aerobic activity. If you live in an apartment, or even a house with more than one floor, use this alternative and see how it can be useful. Go up and down the stairs several times and quickly. If possible, get help from an area professional who will guide you about the timing and quality of the movements.

Another tip is to trade the traditional Fitness weights for food packages. Beans, wheat flour or rice have 1 Kg. The idea is to place them on your ankles, or use your hands, and lift with care and tranquility. If you are already more experienced, you can use 5 kg packet of rice, or similar, that help in exercise in the home.

There are some fitness activities that can be easily developed in the internal spaces such as sit-ups, push-ups and races in place. Put your head to work and use objects from your house to aid in movement. Chairs, tables and sofas are great in this regard because they serve as support in the performance of physical activity.

We are sure that you have already thought of several alternatives that can be used with your belongings. Now it is put into practice and go to exercise with the same care and attention that you would have inside a gym.


The protein bars are very common in the gym and are increasingly winning the hearts of those who want to gain muscle and lose fat. That's why we've prepared a super cool post about their benefits and how they can help you have strength, health and well-being.

This food came with the goal of supplementing the nutrition of those who practice physical exercises and knit frequently. They are rich in protein and indicated for those who do physical activity and need to have more performance and muscular strength.

In addition, they are great for use during a weight loss diet, since bars fool hunger and can easily replace sweets. While 25 g of milk chocolate has on average 132 calories and four grams of saturated fat, the same amount of a conventional protein bar has 99 calories and 1.6 grams of fat. Even so, those on a diet should not overdo it, since too much of it can cause kidney damage.

Posted on June 29, 2018 at 05:28 PM